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Google AdWords is one of the quickest and most cost-effective ways to attract new customers. But there’s a problem – the AdWords system has become more and more complex and difficult to master recently. There are plenty of pitfalls for the unwary and it can seem like an expensive waste of time, UNLESS you know what you’re doing.

And that’s where I can help …
Get Expert Help from a
Professional AdWords Consultant
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My name is Chris Griffiths, I’m an accredited Google AdWords Consultant and I have been helping businesses like yours to profit from AdWords since 2003. I have trained with the best and only employ Google Approved best-practice techniques. I offer a personal, one-to-one AdWords Management Service for owner/managers, focusing on delivering the maximum number of quality leads at the lowest possible cost.

Here’s how I can help you with your AdWords advertising:

  • By Saving Time – say ‘Goodbye’ to the hassle and frustration of managing your own AdWords account. Call in an expert and free up your time to concentrate on more important things.
  • By Reducing Waste – by eliminating irrelevant searches I’ll ensure you’re not paying for clicks you don’t want, and by writing better ads I’ll make sure you pay less for the clicks you do.
  • By Avoiding Common Mistakes – by configuring settings and structuring your account correctly from the outset I’ll ensure you avoid the mistakes most business owners make when managing their AdWords themselves.
  • By Improving Campaign Performance – using conversion tracking we’ll find out which parts of your campaign produce the best results and concentrate your budget where it works hardest to improve your ROI.

I’m happy to take over an existing campaign you have set up yourself or I can build a new campaign from scratch.

Here’s how it works

  • First I’ll work with you to understand your objectives and define your AdWords Advertising Strategy.
  • Then I’ll conduct Keyword Research and select the search terms or key phrases your potential customers are likely to use to find you on Google.
  • I’ll develop your Campaign and AdGroup Structure, although this is likely to change as the campaign evolves.
  • I’ll review the competition and Write Compelling Text Ads that are optimised for maximum response.
  • We’ll discuss your Targeting Options and I’ll Setup Your Campaign.
  • We’ll discuss your Bidding Strategy and I’ll set you opening bids.
  • I’ll setup Conversion Tracking which allows us to see which elements of the campaign are performing best and helps maximise Return on Investment.
  • I’ll look to continuously improve your Click Through Rate by Writing and Testing New Text Ads
  • I’ll continuously Monitor & Adjust your campaign to ensure that it is working toward agreed objectives.
  • I’ll implement Advanced AdWords Features such as Ad Extensions, Mobile ads, Call Tracking, Bid Modifiers and more …
  • And you’ll receive a Monthly Report with suggestions for improvement which I will discuss with you.

But that’s not all …

We’ll look at Google Retargeting – clever technology which allows you to re-advertise visitors as they move around other sites on the internet, providing an opportunity to remind them about your products and services and bring them back to your site.

Most websites do not convert very well – the average is about 1% of visitors take some sort of action to get in touch. I can help improve this by suggesting simple ways to Optimise Your Landing Pages which can lead to dramatic improvements in the number of enquiries you get as a result.

Interested in working with me?

To discuss an AdWords project or get a quote, please complete the Enquiry Form here, or call Chris Griffiths on 01732 46 00 52.

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Interested in working with me?

To discuss an AdWords project or get a quote, please complete the Enquiry Form here, or call Chris Griffiths on 01732 46 00 52.

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